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New App Connects Christians in America

NewsNationalNew App Connects Christians in America

A faith-based group recently launched a social media application that aims to connect Christians throughout the country and spread God’s love through action.

Blessings Through Action (BTA), an Arizona-based nonprofit organization, developed Our Action Place, a virtual community where Christians can interact with fellow believers regardless of denomination, location, age, or race. The app was created as a platform where Christians can share the Good News and encourage others into action.

That’s one of the things we’re really striving to do to honor God is to make sure it’s only the truth we put on there. —Elaine Beck, Founder of Blessings Through Action

In a news podcast by The Alabama Baptist, Elaine Beck, the founder of BTA, shared that God put the seed in her heart to start the nonprofit and eventually launch a social media app for Christians. “I’m so humbled by the fact that the Lord gave me this vision and has entrusted me with it. We’re nothing but a vapor yet He gives us the opportunity to be His instruments.”

Amid the fake news and misinformation spread throughout the virtual world, Beck wanted Our Action Place as a venue where people can get the truth. “That’s one of the things we’re really striving to do to honor God is to make sure it’s only the truth we put on there,” she said.

The organization hopes to reach as many Christians as they can. With the majority of Americans having access to mobile phones and gadgets, Blessings Through Action believes that the app is a great and practical way to unite Christians and inform them of the different issues affecting the nation today.

“Together we can respond to what happens on the national stage and move together to make changes for the better,” Beck said.

The founder added that, “We’re to help each other, brothers and sisters alike, and through His love to make things happen for Him.”

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